Register Your Address for Fiber



1:54PM April 25, 2018

Welcome to, DTC Communications’ website to help us expand out fiber network. We created this site to gather interest from our neighbors for a fiber network. Fiber optics means a connection that is powerful enough to handle all your internet, TV and calling needs.

We’ve already made some preliminary construction plans but we are looking for the community to help shape those plans. We have several areas with fiber already and if you fall into one of the zones with fiber, you’ll see that noted when you enter your address. If you aren’t in one of those live areas, then you have an important job. Help us get the word out. The more interest in an area that we see on this site, the more that interest will impact our construction plans. So, get loud.

Register your home or business here today. Spread the word to your neighbors. You might find yourself surprised at what we can offer you today.

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