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DTC Communications is building a brand new fiber network to deliver an amazing new experience in Internet, TV and voice services.

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Improving Quality of Life through Infrastructure and Service

DTC Communications is building a first-class fiber network as part of its mission to improve the quality of life for members and the region it serves. The goal of every project is to provide the opportunities that come with having the most advanced connectivity.

Because building a new network is a massive, time-consuming undertaking, DTC prioritized builds based on population density, the quality of current copper lines and the availability of existing services.

The cooperative wants to provide, in a financially sustainable manner, underserved and unserved areas the economic, educational and vocational benefits of a state-of-the-art internet network. Achieving these goals sometimes first means starting in more densely populated regions to make serving less populated locations affordable. The DTC Communications network expansion can now accommodate more high-cost, demanding builds.

The fiber build is the largest infrastructure project these counties have seen in years, and DTC is excited to meet the challenge. With top-notch technology and quality of service second to none, DTC fiber is building on its cooperative history.